Monday, 8 February 2016

February Week 1 Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

Well as promised here is my latest update with all things stitchy.

I am starting off this post with what I did for the last couple of days of January and what I earned with my stitching incentive.

So as I had  a couple of days free I decided to work on Japanese Gold by Lesley Teare that is in my schedule for the last week of February anyway.
This is where I last left the design and below is the progress I made over a couple of days
So you can see that I am nearly done on this. Really pleased with the progress I made and I just love the colours. So week starting 29th February which is my free week being the fifth week in the month I will complete the remaining flower and leaf and do all the gold metallic back stitching and French knots that need adding.

Now what did I earn in January. In my previous post I told you I was giving myself 10 p per hour of stitching and bonuses dependant on size of project. So I earned £11.50 for the hours and I rewarded myself £5 for the five finishes in January had I started both Twas the Night and True Love in January the bonuses for them would have been £2.50 a piece but they were carry overs and therefore only warranted the £1 bonus.

Daily Project

My Daily Project is the Prairie Schooler Alphabet and this month I am continuing with the Letter B. Here is where I left it in January
and this is where I am now after working on it for a week
So I am making reasonably good progress. I am finding working on the 20ct Aida 2 over 1 has slowed me down a little but I will definitely get this done in this month and my aim is at least 1 letter each month so I am still on target. I am really enjoying it and I am trying to change something in each letter to make it more my own project. In January I changed the dark red to 355 and will continue with this throughout the whole project. I have not yet added the change to the current letter I am going to change the decoration on the pie plate, it is charted for the brown/black 3371 but I think I will probably use a creamy shade, just need to get the blue plate stitched to see what will work.

Monthly Project 1 - Pin Cushion

So I start each month working on my Pin Cushions that were in Cross Stitch Collection magazine and designed by Sheena Rogers below is a photo of the 7 I have already done. What February should look like and finally my progress after 7 days
This month I have stitched it one colour at a time so I started with the greens and then the purples and am currently working on the yellows. The stitching should definitely be completed in the next week.

Rotation 1 - Victorian Charm

Week 1 of the month sees me working on Victorian Charm. Below is where I left it in January and then my progress over 6 days.
I did 16 hrs stitching on this. I am pleased with my progress and I am finding the Navy Aida less challenging than I thought it would be but the floss is very fluffy and I do find it a little frustrating at times. That said on the whole I am really enjoying the project. This is the Sunset version of this kit so slightly older than the current Dimensions one (I know they are the same company).

Save the Stitches

Having rejigged my rotation Save the Stitches (Blackwork Journey)  is now worked on each Thursday.
Below is where I left it then my progress on Thursday plus a close up of my work.
I really enjoyed working on the block on the left it was a lot of fun. I am hoping with a little luck I may complete this section this coming Thursday.

Other Stitching

The other day I saw a lady had posted a photo of working with the new DMC Coloris thread and she had stitched them as hearts. So I got to thinking I have Color Variations I do not have the Coloris yet but I am getting them and so I decided to make a heart bookmark come ready reckoner with both these DMC threads on them.
This is my progress so far. I have another 20 hearts with the Color Variations to stitch and then 24 Coloris (when I get them).

Next week is going to be pretty much the same the only change is my Rotation piece which will be Raven by Mirabilia and this is what my starting point looks like

That is pretty much it but below are the purchases I have made recently and I forgot to blog about.
Firstly we have Hands Across the Sea's first sampler chart. The Quilt chart book I got as my Husband wanted to order a game from Amazon and this just happened to be in the basket, so I kind of got it by default. Finally the Notebooks were a bargain from Home Bargains at £1.79 and .79p respectively. Yes they are cheaper and do not have the little pocket at the back of the book, but they do have ribbon markers and the elastic closure and the embossing is really pretty. So all in all I think they are fine.

Well that is it for this week. I hope you have enjoyed reading and looking at my post.

Bye for now
Happy Stitching



  1. Wow lots of fantastic stitching there. The pin cushions are so sweet. Well done on sticking with your rotation.

  2. Those Hearts are such a great idea. They are looking awesome. I always love your stitching. You really seem to get a lot done. I am inspired.

  3. Awesome post Lisa. All of your stitching is gorgeous and lots of progress.


  4. This is my first time to your blog and I'm in love with all of your stitching projects :) I will enjoy watching your progress on Raven Queen, my current project.


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