Monday, 22 February 2016

February Week 3 Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last blog.

Well this is what I have been up to over the last week.

Daily Project - Prairie Schooler Alphabet

This project has gone from this
and I finished Letter B

This took 24hrs 45 mins over 16days. I am now working on Letter C and this is where I have got to so far
as my aim is to complete one letter a month I will only work on this during the rest of February when I have time as I am still on track.

Monthly Project 2 - Joyful World SAL (The Snowflower Diaries)

This is the progress I have made on the February section of the project

I am over half way done, I have stitched on it for just over 7 hours over 6 days so I am pleased with my progress and intend to complete this part of the project in the coming week.

Rotation 3 - A Stitch in Time (HAED)

This went from this
to this

I spent another 10  hrs over 3 days, making the total time so far over 30 hrs. I have come to the conclusion I do not like Max Colors far too much confetti for me. This project as it is will be abandoned. I am going to purchase the regular chart, regular colors and change the fabric to 28 ct 1 over 1 and use parking like I have with Large Treasure Hunt Bookshelf. It is unlikely that I will be restarting this project this year but I do love the design so I will do it at some stage.

So for the remainder of my Rotation Week I pulled out a full coverage UFO called When Dreams Come True, this design has artwork by Leonid Afremov whose work I love and was charted by Love Thy Thread who are no longer in business. I have the kitted version which I had on 18ct Aida below is the cover art, my starting point (originally started in November 2014 and then left) and where I got to. I will continue with this project in Week 3 of next months rotation before swapping it out for 3 months for Large Treasure Hunt Bookshelf
I only spent two evenings on this in the end as I had a headache on Sunday and did not feel like concentrating on stitching, but what I did do I did enjoy. This project will not look much until several pages are done as it is lots of little colour blocks that make the whole. So we shall see. Very much like a jigsaw puzzle.

Save the Stitches - Blackwork Journey

This went from
to this

and here is a close up of the area I worked. I spent 4 hrs this week on this project and again I am really pleased with the progress I have made, I intend to complete this block next Thursday.

Other Stitching

My Coloris/Color Variation Heart Bookmark has stayed the same as I am still waiting for the final Coloris thread to come. I will not continue with this until I have the last one so that I can spend a day or two just finishing it off.

However, I did embark on another project. I had been watching a You Tube Floss Tube video and the lady on it showed this project that was a freebie chart with Cross Stitch Crazy last year. I knew I had the chart and when I got the magazine had not been that impressed, but seeing the finish on the video changed my opinion. I also wanted to give my able stretcher frame another go, it was boxed up to go to the charity shop as when I first used it I did not get along with it very well. Any way below is a photo of what it should look like and my progress so far. I am stitching it on 28ct Star Sapphire Linen using the recommended DMC floss and the design is by Riverdrift House

I spent just over 5 hours over 5 days working on this. Using the Able Stretcher at this size I have the 12 inch version and I have it square 5 holes in so my working area is about 8 or 9 inches square and so far so good.

On Sunday I succumbed to making a very measly start on a kit my daughter got me for Christmas/Birthday. It is the Winter Russian Doll by Alisa
A start is a start so that is it, I would have done more but firstly I had a headache and was feeling quite tired and secondly I wanted to watch Call the Midwife so the stitching got put away for another day. The instructions in this kit are all in Russian and for most of it I can work out what it is asking me to do, but there are some instructions which I think are referring to back stitching but I don't really know what it is saying so I might have to work off the cover art at the end.

Finally on Saturday I purchased three charts Lady Lilac which I wrote about on my last blog post, White Dragon and Loneliness of Autumn all from Artecy. I think at £6.86 per pdf download is really reasonable for charts of this type. They might not be quite as detailed as the HAED charts but I think for me are more achievable in the short term.
So next week will be more of the same working on Prairie Schooler Alphabet when I have some spare time, continuing and completing the February part of the Joyful World SAL, Save the Stitches on Thursday and as and when do a bit on Home Sweet Home. My rotation piece for next week is Simon or its correct title Orangutans by Jayne Netley Mayhew, below is where I left it in January
I intend to work on that every evening apart from Thursday so I am hopeful come next weeks posting that I will have made some good progress.

So that's it for this week.

I hope you all have had good stitchy weeks and I will be back next Monday with my next update.
Bye for  Now

Happy Stitching

Lisa x


  1. Oh my Lisa. What an awesome post. I love all of your projects and you have made so much progress on them. Also love your new stash. Do you have a post that describes how your rotation works? It really seems to work for you and I need help.


    1. Hi Linda, I have two monthly projects currently that I work on. I also have the Prairie Schooler Alphabet which is sort of daily but I do occasionally skip a day, the only thing I am trying to do is make sure I get a letter done each month. I have my sampler project on Thursdays currently Save the Stitches and then I have my rotations which I work on for 6 days in the week and currently I have 4 so they get worked on for one week a month. As I am at home I get a lot of time to stitch


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