Monday, 14 March 2016

March Week 1 Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

Below is what I have been up to over the last week with my stitching.

Prairie Schooler Alphabet

This project went from this
to this
So I finished Letter C, in this design I changed the yellow of the Moon and Stars to a brighter yellow gold from the projects colours and the house to Pink again from within colours that are in the whole project. This letter took me 24 hrs and 7 minutes over 11 days. Letter D is going to be a challenge as I want to change quite a bit of it being British not American, it is possible I will stitch the bits that do not need altering and move on to Letter E until I am happy with my replacements. Need to keep the project moving if I am going to finish it by 31st December 2017.

And here is a photo of the project so far

Monthly Project - March Pin Cushion (Sheena Rogers/ Cross Stitch Collection Magazine)

This went from this
to this
So another finish - I spent 10 days stitching on it and it took just over 13 hrs to stitch

Janlynn Seasons Samplers - Spring

This went from this
to this
I am very pleased with my progress and am loving this design so far.

Rotation 1 - Victorian Charm

This project went from this
to this
I did 12.5 hrs stitching over 4 days and am really pleased with my progress, I achieved my goal of 12 hours which is the main thing.

Other Stitching

This week I did a little work on my Coloris/CV bookmark and managed to complete the Coloris section I have 20 hearts to stitch and this will be finished. I will try and get this done over the coming week. So last time we saw this it looked like this
and this is where it is now

This week I received a Mother's Day gift from my Daughter, she got me the large Lap Frame from R and R
and I used this to finish up my work on the Prarie Schooler Alphabet. Really like it as it means I can do the two handed stitching which makes me quicker.

I also got this chart as a friend on Facebook was selling it off and I have wanted it for a while
Finally not stitching related I was fancying something sweet having not had anything sweet since the 2nd January other than fruit, so I made a cake
It is a carrot and orange spice loaf with orange buttercream and it was lovely, but being the little piggy that I am when my sweet tooth kicks in I had a little more than I should. The result being after losing every week since the 4th January 2016 this mornings weigh in saw a 0.6lb gain. Oh well it was very tasty and now my sweet tooth is back in its box for a while.

So that's it for this week. My plans for the coming week are to work on Spring Sampler, start this months Joyful World SAL piece, do a little on Prarie Schooler Alphabet Letter D, try and finish the Coloris/CV bookmark and if I get any spare time to do a little more on Home Sweet Home. My main project is Raven and my goal for this is 15 hrs of stitching.

Bye for now
take care

Happy Stitching


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  1. Another great update Lisa. Amazing progress on all of your projects.



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